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CE+T Power: Revolutionizing Uninterruptible Power Supply

Dive into the world of CE+T Power, where innovation meets reliability in backup power and energy management solutions. Discover our groundbreaking Modular UPS Systems, designed for the dynamic needs of industries ranging from telecom and transport to data centers and commercial sectors. Our commitment to zero downtime, zero cost, and zero carbon footprint sets us apart, ensuring your business remains powered in the most efficient way possible.

Patented ECi Technology

CE+T's Modular UPS Systems are powered by the revolutionary ECi technology, a game-changer in the UPS market. This patented technology ensures there are no single points of failure, making it an incredibly reliable choice for businesses that cannot afford downtime. It's not just about keeping the lights on; it's about ensuring your operations continue without a hitch, come what may.

Modularity for Scalability

Our systems are designed with future growth in mind. The modular nature of our UPS solutions means they can be scaled up or down based on your business needs. This flexibility allows for cost-effective expansion without the need to overhaul existing infrastructure. Whether you're starting with a few kilowatts or scaling up to megawatts, our systems adapt to you, not the other way around.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Stewardship

In an era where energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount, CE+T Power leads the way with UPS systems designed to minimize environmental impact. Our elevator application, for example, showcases our commitment to energy recycling, where energy used in ascent is partially recovered during descent. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with our goal of a zero carbon footprint.

Reliability You Can Trust

With a history steeped in power electronics innovation, CE+T Power offers a comprehensive portfolio that includes Multidirectional Converters, Modular Inverter Systems, and Rack Mount Solutions. Our products are backed by decades of expertise and a commitment to reliability, ensuring your operations are supported by the best in the business.

Energy Management: how can CE+T help you?

CE+T Power innovates in energy management, offering solutions designed for tomorrow’s challenges. With their cutting-edge technology platforms, including innovative converters equipped with three bidirectional ports, CE+T Power provides a single module to connect everything—grid, renewable energy, batteries, and loads. Their systems are modular, allowing for gradual investment, and they offer protection against battery and grid disturbances. CE+T’s solutions are compatible with various battery chemistries and are designed for compactness and lightness. For businesses, CE+T Power enables peak consumption shaving, increases renewable energy self-consumption, facilitates demand response participation, and ensures a pure power supply. Their approach not only reduces energy costs and enhances power supply quality and availability but also promotes increased self-consumption of renewable energy. Through their Maestro Power Management System (PMS) and Stabiliti converters, CE+T optimizes solar panel and energy storage management, delivering significant cost savings and resilience during grid failures.

Products by CE+T Power

CE+T Power specializes in innovative power electronics, offering a diverse range of solutions such as Modular Inverters, Modular UPS, Multidirectional Converters, and Standalone Inverters. Their products are designed for reliability and efficiency in various industries including telecom, transport, data centers, and energy management. CE+T’s focus on modular and scalable solutions ensures flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of businesses across sectors

Modular UPS Systems

CE+T Power’s Flexa Series enhances the standard for modular UPS solutions, designed for unmatched reliability and efficiency in power management. Crafted for smooth scalability, the Flexa Series ensures your infrastructure can expand effortlessly with your requirements, offering redundancy and adaptability without sacrificing performance. Ideal for essential applications across various sectors, these UPS systems highlight CE+T’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in power electronics.

Mobile Inverters

CE+T Power’s modular inverter solutions are designed to ensure a secure power supply with an efficiency of up to 96%. These inverter modules are notable for their modularity, reliability, and compactness, offering significant cost savings. They feature 0ms transfer time from grid to battery, built-in static transfer switches, and hot-swappable modules for easy maintenance, making them an ideal choice for ensuring uninterrupted power

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