Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental Initiatives

At Sirap Ltd, our dedication to environmental stewardship is evident through our robust recycling programs and sustainable practices. We are committed to the responsible recycling of electronics, offering a voluntary take-back scheme for outdated computer equipment. Our efforts extend to the recycling of lead-acid batteries from the Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) we service and import, surpassing our initial recycling goal with an impressive achievement of over 70% in the past two years. Additionally, our office embraces renewable energy, harnessing solar power to reduce our carbon footprint. We also rigorously practice waste separation, underscoring our proactive approach to minimizing our environmental impact.


Social Responsibility

Sirap Limited, is deeply committed to its role as a socially responsible entity within the community. Our approach to social responsibility is holistic, encompassing active community engagement, philanthropy, and the advancement of diversity and inclusion within our workforce. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact through our support of local initiatives, charitable donations, and volunteer efforts that address the unique needs of our Maltese community. Internally, Sirap Limited champions a diverse and inclusive environment, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees and promoting a culture of respect and understanding. We strictly adhere to labor standards compliance, upholding the highest ethical practices regarding employee rights, fair wages, and safe working conditions. Our health and safety policies are rigorously implemented, reflecting our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our team. At Sirap Limited, we believe that our corporate success is intertwined with the health and vitality of the community we serve, guiding our efforts to contribute positively and sustainably to society.



Sirap Limited, a family-run limited liability company proudly established in Malta, exemplifies excellence in governance through its robust structure and ethical practices. Our governance framework is designed to ensure accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct across all levels of our operations. We are committed to board diversity, recognizing the value of varied perspectives in decision-making processes. Ethical business practices are at the core of Sirap Limited, guiding our interactions with partners, customers, and the community. We prioritize transparency and rigorous reporting to maintain trust and integrity with our stakeholders. Our stakeholder engagement strategies are built on open communication and mutual respect, allowing us to respond effectively to their needs and expectations. Compliance with both local and international regulations is non-negotiable, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the standards set forth for businesses in Malta and in the global marketplace. At Sirap Limited, our governance practices reflect our dedication to sustainability, ethical leadership, and the continued success of our company and community.


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