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Storage Virtualization


DATACORE SANSYMPHONY is a Storage Hypervisor that transforms your storage into virtualized storage. The software installs on top of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 node dedicated as a Datacore Storage Node. This node will sit between your storage and your servers. You can use direct attached, iSCSI or FC storage and present it as Virtual Disks to your physical or virtual hosts – DATACORE SANSYMPHONY acts as both a TARGET for your hosts and an INITIATOR for existing and future Storage Servers from all leading vendors.


The software is so flexible that it can integrate into any existing environment and safeguard your existing investment such as FC or SAS based External Storage Systems actually connected to your Standard Servers and Blade Chassis as direct attached storage.


Your existing investment in storage is retained and the system allows you to upgrade gradually to benefit from the latest technology in storage devices. The DATACORE system is Highly Available with SYNCHRONOUS MIRRORING available in the basic license. Standard features include THIN PROVISIONING, RAID STRIPING and SNAPSHOTS. The system also fully supports remote nodes for remote replication site using ASYNCHRONOUS REPLICATION to your Disaster Recovery site and to Cloud Storage. Call us to organize a demonstration.


BASE LICENSES START AT JUST €2000exc vat per node







DataCore SANsymphony-V is a Storage Hypervisor

Storage Hypervisor Definition:

A portable, centrally-managed software package used to enhance the combined value of multiple disk storage systems, including dissimilar and incompatible models, by supplementing their individual capabilities with extended provisioning, replication, and performance acceleration services. Its comprehensive set of storage control and monitoring functions operate as a transparent virtual layer across consolidated disk pools to improve their availability, speed and utilization.

"This rich set of advanced virtualization services from DataCore delivers the highest availability and best use of resources at the most favorable cost. DataCore virtualization technology hits on all cylinders for us."
- Chris Whitaker, IT Manager, AHTNA

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