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DC Systems

Sirap and Eaton offer complete DC solutions spanning from the Core Data Centre components to regional base stations and roadside cabinets


We can design custom based solutions according to your requirements





3G Access Power Solutions – APS3, APS6 and APS12 Series

These are 19” rack mountable systems using either 24V or 48V Eaton 3G Access Power rectifier modules. The units can house 3, 6 and 12 Hot-swappable rectifier modules respectively together with a hot-swappable intelligent system controller. The housing also provides forBatteryand Load MCBs according to your specific requirements.



Flexi - 3G Access Power Solution

Eaton’s Flexi – 3G Access Power Solution is designed for wireless and wireline access network applications. It is well suited to limited space environments with its reduced depth and battery cabinet height options, and the innovative systems design reduces shipping costs, improves storage and handling, and is easily assembled onsite.




SC200 System Controller
The SC200 controls and monitors your rectifier system. It is installed in the Rectifier magazine and lets you monitor all of your power systems using high-level communication capabilities (Ethernet, SNMP version 3 and Web configuration) for real-time information at the click of a mouse. The built-in intelligence of the controller automatically optimizes the efficiency of systems by managing the many highly customizable parameters.




Eaton APR48-3G
(48V) Access Power Rectifiers are designed specifically for access network applications such as cellular base stations, Wi-Fi nodes, customer premises equipment, and roadside cabinet installations.




Energy Saver Rectifier
The Eaton APR48-ES Energy Saver Rectifier is designed for communications network operators who are striving to cut energy costs across the network through greater operating efficiency, and/or to meet aggressive carbon footprint reduction targets.

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