Zebra WT6400 Wearable Computer

MODELS: WT6400, WT6400-Keypad, WT6400-Cold Storage

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Increase workflow efficiency and workforce productivity in demanding environments with the next generation in hands-free wearable computing.

The WT6400 is the latest breakthrough in Zebra’s wearable computer portfolio, packed with innovations that enable unmatched productivity increases in hands-free computing workflows. Next-generation ergonomics bring a new level of comfort, flexibility, and ease of use to workers picking orders, sorting goods, and managing inventory in demanding environments, including the warehouse, distribution center, and manufacturing plant. The touchscreen display area is twice the size of the WT6300, with only a minimal increase in device size. The powerful platform will support your business today and tomorrow, with a next-generation Qualcomm processor, double the memory, and support through Android 17. And data capture features include an integrated high-resolution 13 MP angled camera, support for Zebra Bluetooth and corded scanners, and a model with an innovative integrated keypad.

Next-generation ergonomics and comfort

The WT6400 display has more than double the available area than its predecessor, the WT6300 — with minimal increases in overall device size and weight. The profile is nearly one-third lower than the WT6300, substantially reducing bulkiness and making it easier to reach into tighter areas. A lower center of gravity improves balance and substantially reduces arm fatigue.

Anywhere, anytime battery changes

The WT6400 battery is specially designed for easy changing on the fly. The angle of battery removal enables workers to remove and replace the battery with the most natural movement — no need to contort the hand or remove the WT6400 from the arm.

Effortlessly capture detailed photos

Taking a photo with the WT6400 is as easy as taking a photo on your cell phone. The high-resolution 13 MP side camera is angled at 22°, keeping the display in the natural line of sight to ensure accurate aiming — no turning or twisting required, unlike other wearable computers. The result? Workers can capture proof of condition, proof of receipt, and more in a split second.

Easy access to NFC

Other wearable computers embed the NFC radio in the battery, making it difficult for users to know where to tap. But NFC is integrated right into the WT6400 and clearly marked, so users can easily tap-to-pair a Bluetooth scanner or headset the first time — no guessing involved.

Choose the wearing style that suits your workers and your budget

Since the universal wrist mount supports all wrist straps, you can mix and match wrist straps to accommodate user preference and use case requirements. A single button releases the device from the wrist mount with snap-on and snap-off simplicity — so you can give each worker their own wrist mount and wrist strap to prevent the spread of germs. Choose from cost-effective Velcro straps; a single dial strap that is micro-adjustable, allowing workers to simply turn the knob to find a perfect fit without pressure points; and a new dual-dial strap that is ideal when using the keypad model, with two straps that provide a better grip on the arm and a more refined custom fit.

Flexible data entry options

The WT6400 keypad model offers both a touch display and a physical keypad that is strategically placed below the display, where it is always in front of the user, equally accessible to right- and left-handed workers. Key size and spacing are optimized for any size fingers and heavy gloves. And placing the keypad under the display reduces the width of the device by nearly 20%, creating a well-balanced, compact, and comfortable footprint on any arm.

Add the wearable scanner of your choice

Choose the wearable scanner option that’s right for your business and your workers — wireless Bluetooth or corded. There are three Bluetooth wearable scanner options. The ‘open palm’ RS2100 is the world’s smallest enterprise wearable scanner. The flexible RS5100 offers five interchangeable wearing styles and two scan engine options. The RS6100 offers an extraordinary scanning range — from near contact to 40 ft/12.2 m — and can be used anywhere, including the freezer. To connect a Zebra Bluetooth wearable scanner to the WT6400, just tap-to-pair on the NFC icon. And the rugged WT6400 side connectors are compatible with Zebra’s high-performance, rugged and freezer-ready corded RS5000 and RS4000 scanners.

View all the information you need, at a glance

See more and scroll less with the large, bright 4.7-inch display that is easy to view in any lighting. Designed for use in just about any environment, the screen works when wet, with heavy gloves and in the freezer.

Rugged and ready for your toughest environments

The WT6400 is ready for your most challenging environments — including the freezer. It’s drop-proof, tumble-proof, waterproof, and dustproof, so you can use it just about anywhere. And since the display is one of the most vulnerable and crucial device features, it’s protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2 — Corning’s most scratch- and shatter-proof Gorilla Glass yet.

Wi-Fi you can count on

When it comes to Wi-Fi dependability, reliability, and speed, the WT6400 stands out in its class. Ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6E provides more bandwidth, more capacity, and the fastest available connections. And Zebra’s Mobility DNA Wireless Fusion provides advanced Wi-Fi radio hardware and software features that keep on-the-move workers connected and productive, every minute of the workday.

Power every minute of every shift

Both the standard and extended battery provide full-shift battery power — and the extended freezer-rated battery is cold-chain ready. With hot-swap support, there’s no need to power down for a battery change — and even if workers are mid-task, they won’t lose data or their place in the workflow. And the blade connectors self-clean with every battery insertion or removal, improving reliability.

A faster, next-generation platform

The next-generation Qualcomm® processor and double the memory provide future-proofing and the power to support the applications of today and tomorrow. With OS support through Android 17, you can count on access to the latest Android features for years to come. And with Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android™ 5, you’re always in charge of when and how to update. Allow device updates to happen automatically over the air for maximum security. Or, define which updates take place on which devices and when, allowing you to test applications to ensure compatibility — before you update.

Good for the environment

From manufacturing to packaging, all the way to disposal, the WT6400 is designed for a sustainable life cycle. These devices are constructed with over 40% post-consumer recycled plastics — and without many major environmental toxins, such as Mercury and PFO/PFOAs. The Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 display is not only tough but also sustainable, made from 22% recycled glass. Batteries are easily swappable and replaceable, while battery health insights allow you to replace your battery only when it is needed, reducing waste and unnecessary cost. In addition, the packaging is 90% biodegradable and uses recycled materials.

Simplify every stage of device lifecycle with Mobility DNA

This Zebra-only comprehensive collection of applications contains many ready-to-use tools at no cost that make the WT6400 easier to integrate, secure, deploy, manage and use. Make device management easier for IT personnel. Make Zebra devices even easier for workers to use with time-saving features that improve productivity and workflow efficiency. And easily deploy and manage all your Mobility DNA applications with Zebra DNA Cloud.

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