Warehouse Automation

Fixed Industrial Scanning & RFID solutions to speed up your warehouse, improve operations and visibility

The warehouse is the heart of your operation. Automation increases productivity, and enhances operations

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, warehouse efficiency is paramount for success – especially when facing challenges like labor shortages and rising costs. Sirap Limited, a leader in technology solutions, understands the challenges of modern warehouse operations and offers cutting-edge warehouse automation solutions to streamline your processes. 

Our expertise, coupled with the latest advancements in RFID technology and fixed industrial scanning from Zebra Technologies, empowers you to optimize inventory management, enhance visibility, and boost productivity. We provide comprehensive solutions to revolutionize your warehouse, from seamless stock location identification and pallet movement tracking to efficient packing and shipping. Partner with Sirap to unlock the full potential of warehouse automation and achieve unparalleled operational excellence.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain unparalleled insight into your inventory with advanced warehouse automation. Track stock levels, locations, and movement in real-time for informed decision-making and proactive inventory management.

Increased Throughput

Accelerate your warehouse processes with automation, enabling faster movement of goods, increased order fulfillment rates, and maximized productivity.

Error Reduction

Minimize human errors in picking, packing, and shipping with precise warehouse automation technologies. Ensure order accuracy and boost customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Reduce operational expenses and labor costs through the implementation of warehouse automation. Streamline processes for long-term cost efficiency and profitability.

Maximize Warehouse Efficiency: Automation Solutions with Sirap & Zebra

Embrace RFID and warehouse automation with us. We can design a phased approach to incrementally support your operations, assisting your team at each step of the way

ROI Calculation & Proof-of-Concept with Sirap & Zebra

Before embarking on your warehouse automation journey, Sirap and Zebra Technologies collaborate with you to perform detailed ROI calculations, taking into account your specific warehouse operation and needs. We analyze your current processes, including labor costs, picking times, and inventory accuracy. We then identify areas for improvement and project the potential ROI of implementing various warehouse automation solutions. This may include cost savings from reduced labor requirements, increased picking efficiency, and minimized errors. Additionally, to solidify your decision and showcase the tangible benefits, we can conduct proof-of-concept trials. We'll set up specific automation solutions within your warehouse environment, allowing you to witness firsthand the improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and overall throughput.

Real-Time information - Zebra Mobile Computers

Empower your warehouse staff with Zebra's rugged mobile computers, purpose-built to withstand the demanding warehouse environment. These devices optimize scanning performance, real-time data capture, inventory tracking, picking efficiency, and overall warehouse floor productivity. Zebra's mobile computers are easy to share and manage among multiple staff members, ensuring everyone has access to the latest information. With a range of features, purpose built for warehousing and industry, Zebra's mobile computers provide staff with the information they need in real time to complete tasks accurately and efficiently. Additionally, these include features designed for warehouse applications, such as built-in imagers for superior scanning performance on damaged or poorly printed labels, and fall detection to protect the device and ensure data security in case of an accidental drop.

Barcode & Tag Stock Locations

Implement a systematic barcoding, RFID or active tag system to effortlessly identify stock locations throughout your warehouse. Utilize barcode scanners on Zebra's mobile computers or integrate fixed scanners.

Fixed Scanners on Forklifts

Automate label scanning directly on forklifts with Zebra's fixed industrial scanners. By avoiding operators having to get up from their seat - this enhances safety and improves speed. Streamline goods receipt, putaway, inventory movement processes and eliminate manual data entry errors.

RFID and Inventory Tracking

Leverage RFID technology on dock doors to automatically and accurately track the movement of goods and pallets both inbound and outbound. Achieve unparalleled inventory visibility and optimize your supply chain management processes.

Fixed Scanners on Packing Bench

Enhance ecommerce packing and shipping with Zebra's fixed scanners. Ensure order accuracy, streamline label verification, and accelerate the shipping process. Fixed scanners on pack benches enable warehouse staff to quickly and accurately scan item barcodes or QR codes, reducing the risk of picking errors and ensuring that the correct items are placed in each order. Additionally, these scanners can be integrated with your warehouse management system (WMS) to automatically generate shipping labels and packing slips, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the potential for errors. This streamlines the packing process and allows staff to focus on fulfilling orders quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, fixed scanners can be paired with dimensioning scales to capture the weight and dimensions of each package, enabling you to calculate accurate shipping costs and improve overall fulfillment accuracy.

Introducing Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies is a global leader in providing innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to gain greater visibility into their operations. With a rich history dating back over five decades, Zebra has continuously evolved its product portfolio to meet the ever-changing demands of various industries.

Sirap Limited proudly partners with Zebra Technologies, a globally recognized leader in warehouse automation solutions. Zebra Technologies’ extensive portfolio of RFID solutions, fixed industrial scanners, mobile computers, and innovative software empowers us to deliver tailored warehouse automation solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Their commitment to continuous innovation aligns with our mission to provide cutting-edge technology solutions that give our clients a competitive edge. With Zebra Technologies’ expertise and Sirap’s integration capabilities, we create a powerful alliance to transform your warehouse operations and drive business growth.

Your warehouse labeling strategy, whether barcode, RFID, or a combination, forms the foundation for accurate inventory management and seamless operations. Sirap and Zebra help you design, implement, and maintain a robust solution tailored to your specific needs. We offer expert guidance in selecting the right technologies, along with Zebra’s industry-leading hardware for optimal performance. Additionally, our maintenance and support agreements ensure your system remains operational, including spare units, training, and preventative maintenance for maximum uptime.

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