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Power Assurance, Peace of Mind: Unrivaled Power Quality Solutions by Eaton

Eaton, a renowned power management company with a global presence, specializes in addressing diverse power challenges through innovative solutions. Notably, Eaton stands out in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) domain, offering a comprehensive range of products tailored for various applications. Recognized for reliability and high performance, Eaton’s UPS solutions ensure uninterrupted power, guarding critical equipment against downtime.

Eaton’s UPS portfolio boasts cutting-edge technologies, emphasizing energy efficiency and adaptability. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its product families, including Online UPSs, renowned for providing continuous power without any transfer time, ensuring seamless protection. Additionally, Eaton excels in 3-phase (in/out) UPS systems, catering to the needs of industrial and commercial settings with scalable and high-density power solutions. The Line Interactive 5E UPS family showcases Eaton’s dedication to adaptability, offering cost-effective protection against power fluctuations.

Known for its global support network, Eaton provides technical assistance and services, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, Eaton’s UPS solutions combine reliability, innovation, energy efficiency, and scalability, positioning the company as a trusted leader in power management.

Advanced Technology Leadership

Eaton pioneers advanced technologies in UPS solutions, setting the standard for innovation in the power management industry and delivering unparalleled performance

Eco-Conscious Power Solutions

Eaton leads the charge in eco-conscious power management, integrating energy-efficient designs into its UPS portfolio, contributing to sustainability goals and cost-effective operations. High efficiency circuitry (unity, 1.00pf) combined with longer life from batteries using proprietary ABM charging improves the service life and minimises the impact on the environment, and your energy costs

Customer-Centric Adaptability

Eaton's UPS systems prioritize adaptability, offering scalable solutions that evolve alongside businesses' changing needs, providing flexible and future-proof power management. Add monitoring, and extra runtime and capacity as your business grows

Global Resilience, Local Expertise with Sirap

With over 30 years of UPS representation by Sirap, Eaton ensures global resilience with local expertise and support. Our certified engineers deliver unmatched support, offering warranty extensions, service agreements, and proactive preventive maintenance for reliable operations

With Eaton, protect any site, any equipment in any environment

Whether it’s a since piece of networking equipment, or a site-wide installation, Eaton have a solution catered for your needs. We have been representing Eaton for over 30 years and we know that once a site has been protected by Eaton UPSs and supported by Sirap, power problems become a thing of the past.

Product Categories by Eaton

Eaton UPS systems offer unmatched reliability and efficiency, ensuring your critical systems remain powered and protected. With a range of solutions tailored to diverse needs, Eaton’s UPSs deliver innovative power management for businesses seeking uninterrupted performance and peace of mind.

Eaton Line Interative UPS

Line Interactive UPSs

Eaton’s line-interactive UPS solutions offer a cost-effective yet reliable power solution for confined spaces. Tailored for budget-conscious applications, these systems balance efficiency with affordability. Advanced features such as prioritized shutdown and remote power control ensure adaptability without breaking the bank. Emphasizing cost efficiency, line-interactive UPS extends battery life, delivering reliable defense against power interruptions. Compact and innovative, Eaton’s line-interactive UPS assures efficient and economical protection for critical infrastructure.

Eaton 9SX UPS Tower Rackmount

Single Phase Online UPSs

Eaton’s single-phase online UPS solutions prioritize uncompromised protection for critical applications. Robust and isolation-focused, these systems guarantee complete separation from the mains supply, ensuring unparalleled defense against power disturbances. Equipped with advanced features like prioritized shutdown and remote power control, Eaton’s online UPS delivers enhanced control alongside its unmatched protective capabilities. Distinguished by their commitment to uncompromised protection, these solutions extend battery life, offering a resilient defense against power fluctuations. Eaton’s single-phase online UPS solutions embody cutting-edge innovation and provide an unparalleled shield for essential infrastructure without compromising on safety.

Three Phase Online UPSs

Eaton’s three-phase online UPS solutions redefine power reliability, prioritizing protection through robust isolation and advanced features like automatic bypass, environmental monitoring, prioritised shutdown and remote control. With capacities up to 1200kVA, these systems ensure unmatched defense against power disturbances while extending battery life. Pioneering cutting-edge innovation, they uphold the highest standards of safety and reliability. Further enhancing flexibility, these UPS units are available as modular configurations, offering scalability to meet evolving power requirements for essential infrastructure. Available in 3-phase in/out as well as 3-phase in, single phase out.




Rackmount UPSs

With a compact design, they deliver uninterrupted power for critical applications. Boasting advanced features like prioritized shutdown, remote power control, and output relay ports, Eaton rackmount UPS ensures flexibility and control. With a focus on longevity, these solutions offer extended battery life, reduced weight, and a 5-year warranty, providing a compact yet powerful safeguard for critical infrastructure.

Lithium Ion UPSs

Eaton’s new 9PX lithium-ion rackmount and tower UPS from the 9 series offers an impressive 8 to 10 years of UPS and battery life, surpassing lead-acid models. With power ratings from 1.5 to 6 kVA, it provides flexibility, extended runtime, and up to four external battery modules. Notable features include load segments for prioritized shutdown, remote power control, and output relay ports. The lithium-ion UPS stands out with an 8 to 10-year battery lifespan, 20% lighter weight for rackmount UPS, 40% lighter extended battery modules, a 5-year warranty (2.5 times longer than lead-acid UPS), and 80 to 120% more runtime at full load compared to lead-acid batteries.

Yuasa Battery Replacements

At the core of any UPS lies its batteries, essential for uninterrupted power supply. To guarantee optimal performance, Eaton provides two efficient battery replacement services, ensuring swift delivery and replacement anywhere. Our comprehensive offerings include lead-acid batteries from trusted brands such as Yuasa and CSB. Whether procured separately or as part of a battery replacement or preventive maintenance package, each service comes with high-speed delivery, expert installation guidance, and safety instructions for handling new batteries, regardless of your site’s location

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