Zebra TC53e/58e/TC53e-RFID Mobile Computers

MODELS: TC58e, TC53e, TC53e-RFID

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Faster. Smarter. More rugged. More sustainable. More secure. And a feature set optimized for evolving business needs.

Introducing the latest additions to the top-selling TC5 Series: the TC53e, TC53e-RFID and TC58e. These powerful mobile computers build upon their predecessors, delivering enhancements ideal for today’s front-line workers. Key upgrades include Qualcomm’s latest processor for boosted power and efficiency, a Secure Element for enhanced security, and support for cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E and 2nd-gen 5G for blazing-fast connectivity. Plus, the TC53e-RFID expands functionality with integrated short-range UHF RFID. Constructed with 25% post-consumer recycled plastics, these are Zebra’s most sustainable TC5 Series devices yet. Get everything your workforce needs to excel with the TC53e/TC53e-RFID/TC58e.

A future-proof platform

Enhanced Durability: These dustproof, waterproof, drop-proof, and tumble-proof devices deliver the reliable performance your workers need for maximum productivity and return on investment.

Crystal Clear Audio: Workers can easily hear every word on every call with comprehensive voice features, including three integrated microphones, two speakers, support for wireless and wired headsets, and AI neural network-based noise suppression for superior intelligibility.

The Most Secure TC5 Series Device Yet

Secure Element: A dedicated chip provides the best physical security on a mobile device, preventing hardware attacks and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

More Processing Power: The new Qualcomm® processor delivers nearly twice the power of the prior generation processor, while consuming less power.

Better Multi-tasking: Up to 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Flash, plus support for up to 2TB of onboard storage provides the memory to support virtually any application.

All the Latest Wireless Communications: With 2nd generation 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3, you’re investing in a TC53e/TC58e device that offers the latest, fastest, and most reliable wireless communications.

A Larger, Higher Resolution Display: The 6-inch FHD+ bright edge-to-edge display provides a richer viewing experience and is easy to see indoors and outside. And the touchscreen works when wet and with gloves.

Extended Future Android Support
With support for future versions of Android™, you get the peace of mind that the TC53e/TC58e you purchase today will support the new features of Android, well into the future.

Zebra’s Most Sustainable Handheld TC5 Series Device

The TC53e, TC53e-RFID and TC58e mobile computers are not only good for business — they are good for the environment. These devices are designed and constructed with 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastics — and without many major environmental toxins, such as mercury and PFO/PFOAs. Power consumption is reduced and battery technology is green — batteries are removable and recyclable. Battery statistics provide insight into when batteries are no longer healthy enough to hold a full charge, allowing you to use batteries longer, without risking mobile device downtime. Packaging is 98 percent biodegradable and utilizes recycled materials. And these TC5 Series devices can double as a workstation, PBX handset, and two-way radio, reducing the number of devices you need — along with your consumption of plastics and electronics.

Split Second Access to Shared Devices with Identity Guardian

Workers can scan a barcode on their badge and simply look into the TC53e/TC58e to unlock and provision the device with all the right applications and permissions. No more worrying about shared PINs, where workers store login credentials — or compromised credentials that could provide unauthorized users with access to your network and data.


Unmatched Battery Technology

Get full-shift power with all four battery options — the standard, BLE, and wireless charge 4680 mAh batteries and the extended 7000 mAh battery. And these PowerPrecision+ batteries provide the intelligence to identify batteries that can no longer hold a full charge and more, making battery management simple.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
These devices are available for sale for four years, with support available for an additional four years, providing peace of mind that the TC53e and TC58e you buy.

Do more with more data capture options

Flexible Scanning Options
The power of Integrated UHF RFID (TC53e-RFID only)
Get More Details with Higher Resolution Front and Rear Cameras
A world of solutions to do more with your devices

Locate Lost Devices
Add New Capabilities with Mobility DNA
Add New Functionality with Zebra’s Proven Solutions

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