Zebra ZD600 Series Desktop Label Printer

MODELS: ZD621, ZD611, ZD621R, ZD611R, ZD621-HC, ZD611-HC

Download ZD621 Spec Sheet

Download ZD621R RFID Spec Sheet

ZD600 Series Delivers Premium Features, Maximum Performance and Unmatched Security for Years of Use
The ZD600 Series desktop printers build on the legacy of the industry-leading GX Series and are available in thermal transfer, direct thermal, healthcare, and RFID models. Available in 4-inch and 2-inch print widths, these premium printers bring industrial printing quality to a compact desktop printer — offering fast print speeds, excellent print quality, simple manageability, and security.

ou need a premium, quality printer that’s built to perform flawlessly – day in and day out. Rely on Zebra’s ZD621 desktop printers, advancing the proven and popular GX Series printers. Don’t compromise. Get it all: an innovative new architecture to power our ever-expanding printer capabilities and software. Unmatched security that’s constantly evolving to safeguard your sensitive data and shield you from cyberattacks. Enhanced features, communication and media-handling options that you can add whenever you’re ready. An optional full-color LCD touch display with intuitive menu. And, increased remote-management capabilities. Together, these give you outstanding print performance, years of optimal use, industry-leading reliability and unparalleled intelligence and security. Everything you need in a printer to keep your workflows fluid and business moving forward.

ZD621 series
Elevating a Proven Winner
Extending the G-Series Legacy
Zebra’s GX Series printers are known for quality and premium performance. As you select your next printer, you can be confident that the next-generation ZD621 includes everything you loved in those legacy printers, and builds on this heritage to deliver best-in-class features for this new era of intelligence and forward adaptability.

Expect the Best

Premier Printing Performance
Rely on the ZD621 to help you power through – day after day. From outstanding print quality to portability for application flexibility to emerging technology to field-installable options, the ZD621 stands apart. Available in direct thermal, thermal transfer, linerless, healthcare and RFID models, the ZD621 supports a wide variety of use cases.


Expanding Zebra’s RFID Desktop Capabilities
Print and Encode 4- and 2-inch Labels and Tags
Building on the legacy of the ZD500R, the 4-inch ZD621R features an innovative architecture that is nearly 32% more powerful. Expanding the desktop RFID line, the ZD611R shares that architecture and is the industry’s only two-inch desktop RAIN RFID printer/encoder. Both the ZD621R and ZD611R can perform more operations simultaneously, deliver best-practice security and are engineered to evolve with emerging technology.

Zebra RFID: More Transformation, No Complication
Flexibility for a Broad Range of Uses and Applications
The ZD621R and ZD611R utilize Zebra’s own RE40 RFID module to support a number of applications across several industries. Adaptive encoding technology allows for excellent media flexibility and simple RFID calibration, eliminating complex placement guidelines. Optimized to efficiently print and encode labels, tags and wristbands, they give you greater tracking abilities, deeper visibility and enterprise insights in an ever-competitive business environment.

RFID Backed by the Broadest, Field-Proven Portfolio
Zebra leverages decades of expertise, design thinking and software development to help you deliver maximum RFID gains, while minimizing the pains that can come with multi-vendor solutions. Zebra gives you the industry’s broadest, field-proven RFID portfolio for unmatched accuracy and interoperability. Look to Zebra’s consistent, fully scaled platform that anticipates real-world challenges and elevates the performance of every system, device, tag and worker.


Operate with Ease

Simple to Deploy, Use, Manage and Secure
Backed by Zebra’s innovative Print DNATM software suite, the ZD621 is incredibly simple to operate. Deploy it anywhere with setup tools, wizards and emulation capabilities. The intuitive user interface is easy to use with minimal training and allows you to see status at a glance with the five LED icons. Take advantage of robust remote management capabilities that alleviate IT burdens. And, built-in security hardens your infrastructure from cyberattacks.

Android, Windows, Apple, Energy Star and WiFi compatible icons
The ZD621 – Premium print quality, features and reliability. Ready for today and tomorrow.
For more information, please visit www.zebra.com/zd621

Put it to Work for Years

Designed to Perform Today and Tomorrow
Technology is constantly advancing. So can your ZD621. Featuring an innovative architecture, it’s engineered to power future printing. In comparison, it’s 30% more powerful than the ZD620 Series and nearly 300% more than the GX Series. This gives you the ability to run more tasks, perform more operations simultaneously, maintain security and be ready for what’s next.


Backwards Compatible with Virtually Any Existing Thermal Printer
Integrate your ZD621 into your existing printer fleet with confidence. Use the same label formats and applications you’re using today. It supports both EPL and ZPL printer languages, and can emulate languages normally associated with other printer brands using Zebra’s Print DNA tool, Virtual Devices.


Intuitive User Interface
Interact at a touch with the ZD621’s optional 4.3-in., full-color LCD touch display, standard on the ZD621 healthcare and RFID models. The easy-to-use menu features step-by-step setup wizards, troubleshooting animations, media-loading and calibration guidance and supports stand-alone printing applications. Zebra touchscreens are expertly designed and tested for toughness and reliability consistent with Zebra’s printer portfolio, including robust tolerance to temperature, humidity, dust and other environmental challenges.

Connect Your Way with Comprehensive Communication
Integrate your ZD621 onto your existing wired and wireless networks or connect it directly to any PC. Every ZD621 comes with Ethernet, Serial, USB 2.0 and USB Host, or add an optional dual wireless radio with fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth® 4.1. Print from any Windows®, Android™ or iOS® device, and integrate your ZD621 with Zebra’s printer setup mobile app using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). And with the included Print Touch tag (NFC), you can simply tap a compatible mobile device on the ZD621 to pair and print—as well as instantly access Zebra’s extensive knowledge base of how-to videos.

The Features You Need, When You Need Them

Turn Your ZD621 Into a Portable Printer
Easily transport your ZD621 printer on a cart or with Zebra’s optional carrying case1, using the battery option. Print on the spot to reduce steps and increase productivity. Power through a full shift with the high-capacity battery.


Movable Sensor for Comprehensive Media Compatibility
The ZD621’s movable media sensor lets you use virtually any media for greater flexibility across a variety of use cases.

Print DNA Software Suite, Your Built-In Advantage

Print Securely and Confidently, Without Hassles
Print DNA suite of software, powered by our Link-OS® operating system, will get your printer up and running quickly and securely. Print consistently, and uninterrupted with a solution that’s fully integrated and interoperable, and will enable your printer to evolve with your business needs.


Update, Troubleshoot and Monitor – All From a Single Location
With Zebra’s Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, part of Print DNA, you have the ability to easily manage, secure and troubleshoot your networked printers from one remote location. Manage one printer, a group of specific printers or all printers anywhere in the world.

Unparalleled, Peace-of-Mind Printer Security
Shield yourself from cyberattacks with Zebra’s PrintSecure, part of Print DNA. Easily configure your printers via secure connections, identify vulnerabilities, block unauthorized access and more.

Explore Managed Print Services (MPS) with Assurance

Zebra’s Thermal Printers with Print DNA Make MPS Easy
Looking to gain control and visibility of your printer fleets with MPS? Our printers are engineered for durability, and they offer innovative remote management, analytics and security capabilities that make them the obvious choice for MPS. With the Print DNA software toolset, your Zebra MPS provider can remotely manage and optimize your printers, track and automate supplies replenishment and ensure security.

Supplies, Service and Support

Zebra Certified Supplies
Printing supplies provide a digital voice for assets across your supply chain. You rely on them to disseminate critical data throughout your organization. If something goes wrong with your printing supplies, operations are interrupted, productivity suffers and costs rise. That’s why we design, produce and rigorously pretest our own line of labels, tags and receipt paper to ensure consistent, optimized performance in your Zebra printer. Optional linerless configurations eliminate waste and deliver more labels per roll for fewer roll changes. For industry-leading quality, service and thermal printing expertise, choose Zebra Certified Supplies.

Backed by Zebra’s Worldwide Service and Support
Access repair support services anywhere around the globe through Zebra and its trusted network of more than 10,000 partners. Zebra OneCare™ provides enhanced coverage that exceeds standard warranty.

All models are available from stock and carry a 24 month warranty

Models Available: ZD4A042-30EM00EZ, ZD4A042-D0EM00EZ, ZD4A042-30EE00EZ, ZD4A042-D0EE00EZ, ZD4A042-30EW02EZ, ZD4A042-D0EW02EZ, ZD4A043-30EM00EZ, ZD4A043-D0EM00EZ, ZD4A043-30EE00EZ, ZD4A043-30EW02EZ, ZD4A043-D0EE00EZ, ZD4A043-D0EW02EZ, ZD4A042-C0EM00EZ, ZD4A042-C0EE00EZ, ZD4A042-C0EW02EZ, ZD4A043-C0EM00EZ, ZD4A043-C0EE00EZ, ZD4A043-C0EW02EZ, ZD4AH42-C0EE00EZ

For specifications check out: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/spec-sheets/printers/desktop/zd421-series.html



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