Eaton 5E Gen2 Line-Interactive UPS

SKU: 743172043009-1

Power Rating: 550VA – 2200VA

Topology: Line Interactive

Form Factor: Tower/Desktop

Battery Type: Lead Acid

The Eaton 5E Gen2 UPS combines proven high performance and quality with affordable pricing to offer cost-effective, reliable protection against power outages and bad power quality. Suitable for home use or for equipment in small business and professional environments, this latest version of our 5E line interactive UPS now also offers national outlets flexibility plus the convenience of permanently recharged batteries (even when off) and the ability to start without mains power (cold start).

CE certification by the external TUV agency guarantees compliance with the latest international safety standards.

Easy application connection and protection

A perfect fit for any local plug type thanks to national outlet formats (4 or 6 IEC and 2 or 4 for FR, DIN/IT, BS). Eaton’s 5E Gen2 UPS offers single-product simplicity in multiple residential and commercial environments.

Greater tolerance of grid fluctuations

All kinds of influences can upset grid voltage at any time. Features double-boost line interactive topology (AVR) for wider input voltage window (under and overvoltage: 140 – 300 V) to save battery power in the event of power outage.

Silent operation for a better customer experience

A key consideration in residential settings to ensure peace of mind as noisy equipment can distract – as well as add to stress levels. Thanks to a fanless design on all models up to 1200 VA, the 5E Gen2 UPS guarantees silent operation.

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