Eaton 91PS 93PS Online UPS

SKU: 743172043009-1-3-1

Power Rating: 8kW – 40kW

Form Factor: Rack/Tower

Battery Type: Lead Acid, Long Life Lead-Acid

Phase Configuration: Three Phase In : Single/Three Phase Out


Lowest total cost of ownership and maximum availability taking scalability, resiliency, safety and efficiency to the
next level.
The most advanced UPS in its power range, the Eaton 93PS is ideal for small data centres and other mission critical applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and scalability are essential.

The rapid adoption of the cloud, constant evolution of IT technologies, increased focus on environmental footprint and sophistication of mission critical applications is demanding even more efficient, resilient, scalable and safe power protection solutions. The new levels of efficiency and scalability offered by the 93PS minimise Total Cost of Ownership while the safety and resiliency, both in infrastructure and IT layers, maximise availability and ensure business continuity.

50 years of UPS leadership
Eaton’s long history of UPS expertise encompasses small, medium and large data centres as well as industrial applications, so we have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs.
Innovation is also integral to our heritage, with patented systems such as Best Power, Powerware, MGE Office Protection Systems and
B-Line. In fact, we have led the way in UPS innovation for 50 years – bringing our customers new, more advanced, more efficient and more reliable power supply solutions.
The Eaton 93PS UPS represents the latest in our long line of marketleading, technologically advanced UPSs for mission critical applications.

Meeting your needs
The 93PS UPS has been developed to meet your current and future needs for efficiency, resilience, scalability and much more. It not only provides market-leading efficiency across operational modes, but also a modular design to support scalability and minimise MTTR.
100% quality and beyond…
The 93PS is manufactured in our manufacturing site in Finland. Opened over 50 years ago, the factory has delivered more than 250,000 UPS units to date. Eaton’s UPS centre of competence is also at our site in Finland, which hosts more than 500 visitors a year for Factory Acceptance Tests (FATS) and demonstrations.

Innovation in action
Eaton’s strength in innovation makes us the natural choice as leaders of GreenDataNet: a consortium of technology innovators and manufacturers, working to develop state-of-the art technology which will allow urban data centres to balance rising demand with sustainable energy policies. Other Green Data Net members are: the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Nissan, ICTroom, Credit Suisse, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and the University of Trento.

Your mission-critical UPS
Whatever your mission critical application, the 93PS UPS offers the power performance, scalability, resiliency, safety and efficiency you need. It is ideal for:
• small data centres
• commercial buildings and industrial complexes
• transportation systems
• hospitals
• finance and banking critical infrastructure
• security operations
• telecommunications installations
• process control equipment

The most efficient, lowest TCO UPS in its class
The Eaton 93PS is simply the most efficient UPS in its class, offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Thanks to Eaton’s advanced algorithms and energysaving features, the 93PS achieves up to 99% efficiency. This efficiency is well proven with installations in major datacentre hubs in Europe and around the world.
Calculate your own Total Cost of Ownership at:

99% efficiency – Energy Saver System (ESS)
Improves the 93PS efficiency levels to 99%, by suspendingvthe power modules when power conditioning is not required.
The power is fed through the static bypass switch, and in the event of exceeding pre-set input limits the UPS is ready to switch to double-conversion mode in under two milliseconds. In addition to extremely low losses, the ESS mode provides filtering against fast low-energy transients. It is simply the most advanced, most reliable, fastest-reacting energy-saver architecture available.
In addition to saving energy, this technology enhances the reliability of the system by reducing electrical stress in the power electronic components, extending the UPS life time and thus reducing total cost of ownership.

Optimised double conversion efficiency – Variable Module Management System (VMMS) For applications where ESS may not be optimal, for example with very low quality mains, VMMS technology includes automatic variable power module management. The system automatically suspends and engages modules as appropriate, to optimise efficiency both at UPS and system level.
VMMS helps you achieve high efficiency even when UPS load levels are low – typical for redundant UPS systems. VMMS can optimise the load levels of power modules in a single 93PS UPS or in parallel systems, by suspending extra UPS capacity. This means not only greater efficiency at lower load levels, but optimum efficiency at all load levels.

Maximum double conversion efficiency
The 93PS still offers the highest double conversion efficiency in the market, reaching above 96%.

Maximum scalability
The highly scalable nature of the 93PS means that scaling up in response to increased demand takes minutes rather than hours Scaling up can also be achieved without increasing the footprint saving valuable floor space. The modular design allows for internal redundancy, which eliminates the need for an additional UPS for N+1 configurations.
External redundancy also improves scalability, by paralleling up to 8 frames for a total system size of up to 320 kW.

Highest power density
The unity power factor maximises the true available power of the 93PS. This means it can deliver up to 20% more real power than other UPSs in its class.

Maximum availability

Maximum availability is integral to business continuity, and integral to the design of the Eaton 93PS UPS.It ensures you can always access the power your mission-critical application requires.

Hot swappable and hot scalable
Due its modular design, a 93PS power module can be replaced or added while another module continues protecting the load. This eliminates the need to go to bypass for module replacement or upgrading (MTTR: 0 minutes). Replacement and upgrade operations typically take less than 10 minutes. Centralised topology and super-sized static switch
The 93PS’s centralised topology is ideal for scalable systems, as it provides full bypass capacity from day one, whereas modular designs with static switches in every power module can have a severe negative impact on the selectivity of the system due to undersized static bypass. This can compromise the availability of the overall system. Available as an additional option, the 93PS offers a super-sized static switch for applications where more static bypass capacity is needed.

Flexible battery configuration
With internal battery models, the 93PS offers the possibility to have either central or separate battery configurations. By default, capacity models have centralised configuration, while redundancy (N+1) and scalable models have separate configuration. The UPS can protect the load while batteries are replaced (MTTR: 30 minutes), and individual strings can be serviced while other strings are connected and supporting the load.

Independent controllers
Each UPS has a single controller, but each power module has its own independent controller. If the main UPS controller fails, the module controller can take over. These independent controllers enable a faster response time in the event of failure.

More safety
The 93PS features simplified compliance with local electrical installation regulations and maximises safety of both personnel and electrical installations.
Back-feed protection device

The International standard and European Normative IEC 62040-1 states that a UPS device shall prevent all hazardous voltage and energy from being transferred to the UPS input terminals after the input power has been interrupted. This can only be achieved by means of either an internal or external back-feed protection device in the static bypass circuit of the UPS. The 93PS includes an internal back-feed protection device in all its models ensuring compliance and eliminating any unnecessary costs and effort installing an external device in an existing electrical installation.

Ultra-safe battery cabinets
Battery cabinets should be designed to provide sufficient airflow to prevent a dangerous concentration of gases. The 93PS battery cabinet range ensures maximum safety by complying with safety standards IEC 62040-1 and EN50272-2. In addition, all battery cabinets include a battery breaker for isolation and short-circuit protection as well as poka-yoke features for safe and easy replacement.

Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS)
The 93PS range includes two, three and four switch maintenance bypass models and a three breaker battery module for a variety of configuration options. All models are IEC 61439 compliant for safety and performance, and feature a rotary-type switch which prevents human operational error

More intelligence
At your service everywhere The Eaton 93PS UPS is a uniquely intelligent UPS, which is both virtualisation- and cloud-ready.

Single pane of glass
Utilising Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software Suite (Intelligent Power Manager – IPM – and Intelligent Power Protector – IPP) the 93PS integrates with leading virtualisation and storage platforms, and allows users to view, monitor and administer physical and virtual servers, UPSs, PDUs and other power devices, from a single pane of glass.
Network- and power-related alerts will be provided through the virtualisation management application, and the 93PS will take the resiliency of the system to the next level, by bridging the electrical and IT infrastructures.
Simple policy-based integration
Intelligent Power Manager ensures business continuity by enabling simple, policy-based controlled automation – driven by power and environmental events. Users can create policy-based integration between their power infrastructure, vmware, Cisco UCS and NetApp storage devices, to automatically expose the state of the power infrastructure to higher-level IT systems and virtualisation orchestrators.
Load shedding
One of the key benefits of policy-based integration is load shedding. A 50% drop in load equates to up to 250% more battery run-time. Intelligent Power Manager provides several options to extend runtime for critical applications. For example:
• if the UPS battery level dips below 30%, vmotion can be
triggered, to move critical VMs to an unaffected host
• if the UPS goes onto battery
– non-critical services will be suspended or carefully shut down
– critical loads will be consolidated onto fewer host servers
– unused host servers will be shut down.
As a result, battery run-time will be extended, providing a larger window for SRM disaster recovery

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