Zebra SP72 Series Single Plane Scanner

MODELS: SP72-V (Vertical), SP72-H (Horizontal)

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Enhance Checkout and Improve Your Bottom Line with High-Performance In-Counter and On-Counter Scanning
Enhance the customer experience, reduce shrink and offer faster checkout options with the SP72 Series. These high performance single-plane vertical and horizontal scanners deliver everything you need to elevate the checkout experience in grocery, convenience, pharmacy and speciality stores. The SP72 Series optimises self-checkout solutions with innovative features that facilitate SCO integration and help reduce shrink – making SCO better for your customers, employees and bottom line.

A long wait at the checkout line is the last thing a customer wants. One-quarter of shoppers have admitted to abandoning a purchase due to long lines.1 Speed up the checkout process, offer convenient self-checkout options and prevent lost sales with the SP72 Series. These high-performance single-plane scanners deliver everything you need to elevate the checkout experience in grocery, convenience, pharmacy and specialty stores. With innovative features, including an optional color camera to enable vision-based applications2, the SP72 Series scanner frees associates to do higher-priority tasks and better serve shoppers while minimizing the risk of shrink. Available in both horizontal and vertical form factors, the SP72 Series fits wherever you need it — and is ideal for retailers that need the performance of a multi-plane scanner, but prefer the compact size, easy installation and value of a single-plane scanner.

Fast Checkouts for Manned and Self-Checkout Lanes


Create the perfect checkout solution for your store

The compact vertical SP72-V can be placed on a counter or mounted on a wall or table; its flat face design easily fits into self-checkout enclosures and kiosks. The horizontal SP72-H offers a zero footprint, in-counter design and is a drop-in replacement for popular legacy installations. You can choose the level of features you need: SP7201 for high-performance scanning with all the essential features needed at the POS, or the premium SP7208 that offers the same high performance, plus more advanced features such as a color camera option for vision-based applications like loss prevention.


With “swipe and go” scanning, checkouts are faster than ever

With high swipe speeds and a large reading area, the SP72 Series makes scanning second nature. Barcodes are captured as quickly as they’re presented. Since there’s less need to precisely position a barcode, cashiers can focus more on the customer and self-checkout users can enjoy a seamless experience.


Keep every checkout lane moving

Thanks to a high-resolution 2.3 megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the SP72 Series offers unparalleled performance on virtually any 1D, 2D, Digimarc®, paper and mobile barcode. Poorly printed, damaged, crinkled, or faded barcodes — the SP72 Series can capture them all. And offset illumination enables trouble-free scanning of reflective barcodes on glass bottles, mobile phones or cellophane packaging.

A Higher ROI for Self-Checkout — Less Shrink


Enable new business applications with vision solutions

The vertical SP72-V is the first single-plane scanner with a 2.3 MP color camera option.2 The camera provides a large field of view and captures even the smallest details, enabling a wealth of vision-based applications to help minimize shrink and fraud at self-checkout. An application can identify a mismatch between the item scanned and the associated barcode — for example, if a barcode from a less-expensive item is placed on a more expensive item for purchase. And the presence of a live video stream can deter customers from attempting checkout fraud.

Enhance the customer experience, reduce shrink and offer faster checkouts with the SP72 Series.

For more information, please visit www.zebra.com/sp72series


Prevent loss with Non-Decode Event alerts

With the SP72 Series, you can develop applications that identify if an item passes by the field of view, but the barcode is not scanned — whether a user accidentally misses a scan or intentionally tries to bypass the scanner. An alert can be triggered to enable mitigation actions for reducing shrink.


Upward-facing “good decode” LEDs work with video-based loss prevention systems

Both the vertical SP72-V and horizontal SP72-H have an upward-facing “good decode” LED that can be easily seen by self-checkout attendants and overhead cameras. Your video-based loss prevention system can track the movement of products across the scan area and confirm a green LED for a successful scan.


Boost productivity and reduce shrink with optional EAS support with Interlock3

Support for Checkpoint and Sensormatic electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems simplifies checkout — the EAS tag is deactivated when the item is scanned. This not only speeds up the checkout process, but also eliminates the risk of “sweethearting” and other forms of shrink as the barcode must be scanned to deactivate the EAS tag.

Elevate the Checkout Experience


Eye-friendly intelligent illumination

The SP72 Series’ deep red recessed illumination activates only when an item is in the scan zone, reducing eye strain for your cashiers and shoppers. You’re even able to customize how much illumination you want, from low level to none at all, to further reduce eye annoyance.


Go beyond the beep with custom feedback tones

The SP72 Series offers a variety of audible feedback options via the built-in or external speaker.4 Select a traditional beep tone or choose from our library of digital and melodic sounds. You can even add your own custom sound to reflect your brand and customer experience.


Increase flexibility with handheld scanning

An auxiliary port lets you add a handheld scanner so users can easily scan large or heavy items in the cart.5


Minimize exceptions with selectable label identifiers

Is your POS host unable to recognize certain barcode types?

No problem. With Zebra’s selectable label identifiers, you can convert one barcode type to another — for example convert a QR code to code 128 — to eliminate exceptions and manual data entry that slow down checkout throughput.

Low Cost of Ownership


Reliability on a day-to-day basis

IP52 sealing protects against spills and dust. Unlike competitive models, the vertical SP72-V features elevated electronics, protecting them from inadvertent spills. The horizontal SP72-H can be configured with either Sapphire or Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) glass, meeting your durability needs and budget.


Easy installation and a fast setup

Multiple on-board interfaces ensure compatibility with all popular POS systems and auto-host detect cables simplify installation. The SP72 Series can be powered over standard USB, eliminating the cost and labor associated with adding external power.


Make data-driven decisions informed by your scanners

Do more with your SP72 Series with Zebra’s IoT Connector, a fully automated real-time data collection tool that routes data from your scanners into your preferred IoT endpoint. The result? You can mine the data and get the insights needed to make decisions in real time.


Up-to-the-minute insight into every aspect of your scanners

Remote Diagnostics automate the recording of scanner asset information, health and statistics, parameter settings and barcode data — giving you the information needed for event verification, blockchain traceability, pilot site ROI generation, troubleshooting and predictive fleet-wide trend analysis.


Zebra DataCapture DNATM — your scanner’s built-in advantage

With more than 50 years of field-proven innovation, Zebra knows the scanning journey better than other providers. That’s why we’ve engineered Zebra DataCapture DNA into all of our scanners. This suite of software tools makes it easy to navigate your scanning journey. For example, 123Scan offers a proprietary configuration wizard that simplifies every step of deploying your scanners. With Advanced Data Formatting, you can easily create scanner data formatting rules to optimize your workflows and solve business problems. Advanced parsing tools streamline the capture of more kinds of data. Powerful complimentary management software enables easy remote management. And much more.

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